Let Love Inspire You To Do Everything You Dreamt About

The purpose of technology is simply to aid the human journey. It is fuelled by our passions, inspired by our dreams and driven by the purpose of our daily lives.

I derive great joy out of writing. This is because I have always experienced great joy out of reading a good book, watching a clever tv series or intriguing movie. Ultimately these make me want to live my life better. The experiences of other people become my experience when I am given privy to their stories. My depth of knowledge expands and I’m truly empathetic about their plights.

This connectivity with our fellow humans is what drives some of the best innovation today. All too often it’s seems like money is the key motivator, but this disguise is inevitably revealed when put through the test of time. The true artists’ labours long and hard at their craft. Yet, it is all worthwhile in the end, because people are left with something that outlives this creator.

Ideas are fragile things but with time and patience they become tangible and bold and the idea of one transforms into the ideals of many. We all know the stories of the Facebooks and Googles of this world. The amazing dorm to multimillion enterprises that now employ thousands and connect billions. All traced back to a fragile idea, a dream of making things better, for everyone.

Sometimes an idea has more humble beginnings. Create an app to make your job easier. To measure things, to reduce waste and save a little water. Perhaps write about your process to inspire yourself to keep going. To remind yourself of why you started. I am sure lots of people have many ideas everyday. How many brilliant ideas have been suffocated by lack of self belief. Ended because someone said it’s impossible. The next big thing ended in an instant before it could reach its potential.

I chuckle sometimes when I get something to work on an example app. Something I thought was only possible by the smartest people at one of these massive corporations. Wow, I just did that. I just made a chat app, a weather app, a trivial pursuit app. And these are only textbook examples. Imagine what I could make if I really put my mind to it. Imagine what you could make.

Don’t be afraid to dream. “Keep your head in the clouds …”, someone once said. Today we have the technology at our fingertips to do amazing things. Good things. Things that can spread love and goodwill. We all have the capacity to do this.

What I love most about app development is seeing how things I love are made. I spend an inordinate amount of my time looking at screens each day. The people that have developed the apps that I love have done so with great sacrifice and painstaking attention to detail and for this I am truly grateful.

It is you who have inspired the artist in me. It is you who make me see that with a little bit of hard work and a lot of belief in myself that I can accomplish anything.

Not everyone is as privileged to have been given these gifts. And this is why we must make use of them. I truly believe that anyone can do what I do but not everyone has been given the opportunity. I am merely the custodian of this creativity that resides within me at this moment in time.

So as I put together the final pieces of this dream that has been so fragile for so long, I can only be grateful to everyone who has believed in it. Those who have supported me, who have stood by me and endured my insistent babbling about this project. We are so close to the end now. And I for one can’t wait to see it work and then give a great big chuckle 😆

“If you look for it, you’ll see that love actually is all around.” – Love Actually (2003)

Jola’s Junction

For those interested in the final stages of the app development process, the testing and debugging, I will be posting regular updates on my website.

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