Hello, world!

Join me on my journey from novice to what I hope will be a exciting new career…

The beauty and wonder of nature has always fueled my curiosity

Whenever I sit down to write I try to work through the whole plot in my head. It has a lot to do with how I want to be perceived. I have this fear of not being taken seriously and being ridiculed for something I said. This is my attempt to move past that, to be what I am now and to write about it and reflect later. My friend says that I am allowed to change my mind and I do so, often. You are allowed to change your mind also 🙂

I grew up with an innate curiosity and I believe this curiosity still determines what I decide is important in my life. I am passionate about a great many things as you will no doubt have found out if you shared a beer or two with me. What excites me most, however, is technology and how people experience it. Today we have endless debates about which smartphone manufacturer is better, which computer gives us more value for money and which television helps us enjoy our leisure time more.

About 10 years ago, I saw the first Iron Man movie. I was so impressed that I still make the sound effects during the suit up scenes. Growing up in the 80’s meant dreaming about this kind of thing when reading the comics but seeing it come to life (or the screen) has been a game changer. Suddenly I was thinking that perhaps I could build my own Jarvis. Jarvis is the artificial intelligence that runs Tony Stark’s (and by extension Iron Man’s) entire world. I wanted something like that. I was tired of doing mundane tasks and getting no real sense of accomplishment after. I wanted to do something amazing, something that would change my life and hopefully mean that I would never have to do anything tedious ever again.

Thus SELMA was born. The acronym was altered many times and is currently something to the effect of Science Education Laboratory Management Assistant but ultimately I wanted my own Jarvis with the sultry voice of Salma Hayek. – I will have to ask her permission one day, if I ever get to the voice feedback stage.

My ambitions have become much more humble and now my goal is to simply build an application that will allow me to automate some of the tasks I do at work. I later want to use some machine learning to make this application better at predicting things. I am currently working on an application I am going to call ChemCount and I will speak about that more in my next post. I’m hoping to finish it by the end of November to show another friend that has had to hear me go on about Selma for years now. I am also very excited to see how my application will work in the real world next year.

So please join me as I take these next steps in achieving my goal. I can’t promise that my posts won’t be opinionated but at least this could lay the grounds for some good debate. And who knows, I may even change my mind 😁

Definitions of underlined words

Machine learning is the ability for computers and other smart devices to “learn” from previous events.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sonja says:

    This is so you, I am super exited about your creation.
    Cannot wait, I know it will be a great success and at large a hit.
    Well done


    1. Francois Majola says:

      Thank you so much Sonja. I’m hoping to upload a new post each week, so stay tuned🙂


  2. Francois Majola says:

    Shout out to Bakhulule for spotting an error. Much appreciated 🙂


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